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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Mother's Love!

Dream Mansion

My girls have been waiting patiently since Christmas for me to build this amazing doll house they received from their Grandma and Papa. 
You may be asking "Why did I wait so long?" 
Well, first of all it's HUGE. 
Second, I had to find a home for it in our house and 
Third, the girls received so many toys that I thought it would be a good idea to hold out on this one until the newness of everything else wore off. 
The girls couldn't wait any longer so today I built their DREAM MANSION and boy was it ever a beast to put together. Combine the frustration of tiny screws, 100 parts, 6 extra helping hands and Mommy wasn't a happy camper; however, in the end it turned out perfectly! My reward is hearing my girls playing together happily and telling me I'm the best Mom in all the world! :) 

So here she is... Barbie's New Home!

And the Happy Girls who get to play with it!

The only issue now is that it's too big to put in the girls room so finding it a permanent home is still on the to do list. 

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  1. Good lord that thing is huge!!! maybe in the new craft room it should go. then the girls can play while you craft?


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