ME? Well, My name is Yvonne and I am a SAHM to FOUR beautiful, energetic, wild, lovable, crazy and amazing children. I am married to my best friend and the Love of my life. And I have a creative side that needed an outlet so I started this blog to share my creations with all of you. One day my oldest daughter, all of 6 years old, looked at me while I was crafting and said "you sure are One Creative Momma" and the name for my blog was born.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


I want to thank all the friends who joined me yesterday for my blog hop!  I had so much fun on my Blogoversary and can't wait to celebrate another year! 

To my followers, new and old - silver and gold, I hope you have enjoyed this past year. If you have any ideas you'd like to see featured on my blog please let me know. Until then I hope you enjoy all the Papercrafts, Sewing Projects and Food Adventures I'll be posting about!

On to the good stuff, My WINNER!
....................... has picked #19

Joydee1963 18 hours ago
I am a new follower! Great gift set! love it, My gyspy needs that sleeve!  joydee1963 at yahoo dot com
An email is on it's way to you Joydee!!!

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  1. I had a blast doing the blogoversary hop yesterday Yvonne!  Thank you so much for asking me to participate :)
    Hugs, Doris

  2. Congrats on a successful blog hop!!! Now we have to start planning mine! ;)

  3. Hi Yvonne,
    I have a blog award for you.  Come by my blog and pick it up.  Don't worry, no rules and no work to do.  Just enjoy!
    Chris (Craft e Mama)


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