ME? Well, My name is Yvonne and I am a SAHM to FOUR beautiful, energetic, wild, lovable, crazy and amazing children. I am married to my best friend and the Love of my life. And I have a creative side that needed an outlet so I started this blog to share my creations with all of you. One day my oldest daughter, all of 6 years old, looked at me while I was crafting and said "you sure are One Creative Momma" and the name for my blog was born.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Thank you notes

Do you always send out Thank you cards when good things come your way?

My family recently received a wonderful gift, A very dear friend of our family signed us into Disneyland and California Adventure for my daughters 5th birthday. There was no way we could have afforded to take our family into both parks and enjoy the food as well as treat the girls to a doll at the end of the night. So this one act was huge in our books.

When the arrangements were made and up until the moment we walked through the gates I must have said thank you a hundred times; however, I didn't think it was enough. So a couples days after our FANTASTIC day I decided to make a card for our Dear Friends. The card is bright and cheerful just like our mood from spending the day at the Happiest Place On Earth and inside I sent a gift card for dinner and a movie. Hopefully they can have a family night together, one as wonderful as the day they gave us.

I quickly sent the card off in the mail so that they would receive it before the weekend but forgot to take a picture of the finished product. So I've made duplicates to match the original for the next time good fortune comes our way and a thank you is required.


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